George Hughley

George Hughley had just the three 45s released in the Golden Age, but each of them in their own way are class releases and well worth seeking out. All of Hughley’s singles were cut in Atlanta, so it is a fair bet that he was a Georgia native.

is initial release was for the interesting Fairlane concern and it coupled the lively “What Did I Do” with a fine deep soul piece ListenIt Hurts Me Too that Hughley co-wrote. I like this side for its simplicity and naked gospel fired emotion perfectly captured by Hughley’s desperation.

Hughley second release was for the fabled Gaye label, and it bears comparisons with other Gaye releases by Joe Brown, Ernie Wheelwright, the Automatons, Sheppard Brothers and Lee Mays that I’ve already written about. Frankly “Do The Beatle” is as awful as the title suggests but the self-penned ListenMy Love Is True is in a completely different league - another very fine deep piece of soul.

ughley's final release came several years later, and was produced by that fine man of Georgia soul Wendell Parker who owned the Shurfine label and who leased tracks by the likes of Grover Mitchell, Roy Lee Johnson and Dee & Lola to national companies for wider distribution. Hughley’s ListenThat’s Why I Cry is a lovely melodic piece of what seems to be called Crossover soul by the dancers who have elevated it into high regard and the prices of the Buddah single to silly levels for a piece of vinyl on that label.

atterly Hughley has returned to the music scene in Atlanta performing in local clubs as well as releasing a couple of CDs. He is still in very fine voice – we wish him well.




What did I do / ListenIt hurts me too ~ FAIRLANE 2012 (1962)
Do the beatle / ListenMy love is true ~ GAYE 212 (1964)
ListenThat’s why I cry / You’re my everything ~ BUDDAH 203 (1970)


Don’t walk away from love ~ GOLDEE 201 (1997)
Nothing but the blues ~ ROYA (2005)

Note ~ Thanks to Brain Poust I’m also aware of two unissued recordings by Hughley – “Catch Me Crying” and “I Know I’m That Strong” which sound like outtakes from the Wendell Parker seesion.


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