Esko Wallace

I just love those West Coast singers who moved from so easily from soul to blues and back again. The obscure Esko Wallace is just such a guy and although he only cut a couple of 45s they are both well worth seeking out – if you can afford them. I think the Hangra is my favourite being a double sider of some quality. The ballad ListenOn The Outside Looking In shows his vocal chops off pretty well but the storming uptempo “Sneaking And Cheating” is one of those classic shuffles that really get into you. Great rhythm and horn support too courtesy of Arthur "Sleep" Wright. The similarly paced “Triple Zero” doesn’t quite have the power to match this side but it is still rock hard R & B.

Triple zero - GRAHAM 802 On the outside looking in - HANGRA 101

UPDATE ~ Mike Cassidy has written to say that Wallace was a member of the Exits (led by that fine singer Jimmy Conwell) and the Visitors. I'm very grateful to him for this info.


ListenOn the outside looking in / Sneaking and cheating ~ HANGRA 101 (early 60s)
Triple zero / I don’t think ~ GRAHAM 802 (early 60s)



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