This group on Tangerine isn’t related to the combo from Chicago who recorded some very tasty sweet soul for Dakar; ListenMy Love Is Ready And Waiting is their best track by far. This excellent beat ballad features a lead singer with a special gruff approach – I would guess this is either Godoy Colbert or Esko Wallace who made a couple of high class soul/R & B solo discs. The other members of the group were James Nelson, Robert Taylor and possible a fifth singer remembered only as “Orlando”. Both Colbert and Wallace had previously worked with that high class West Coast vocalist Jimmy Conwell in the Exits, whose Kapp recording of “I’m So Glad” is a beautiful example of sweet soul magic. All four of the Visitors’ Tangerine sides were produced by Len Jewell whose Teri De company and label are revered names in the Northern soul world.

UPDATE ~ Davie Gordon kindly writes wit hdetails of the "missing" member of the group - his name is Orlando Arnold. I'm grateful to Davie as always for the info.


ListenMy love is ready and waiting / What about me ~ TANGERINE 1003 (1970)
Never the less /Anytime is the right time ~ TANGERINE 1010 (1970)

Special thanks to Mike Cassidy for extra info.

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