Serena Johnson

This one off 45 for the tiny Big 2 label by Serena Johnson has all the right Georgia names on it, and is a very strong southern soul double header. The disc was co-produced by Sam Moultrie, and arranged by the ubiquitous Tommy Stewart. The mid paced bouncy “All Work And No Play” has writer credits to Richard Marks and Bill Wright and for me Serena’s version just about tops out Vivilore Jordan’s thanks to a better arrangement and a good deal less disco about the piece. And I’m pretty sure Serena’s must have been the first cut too. The flip ListenLack Of Communication is a tasteful ballad of considerable charm. Some fine guitar work (Marks himself?) and clavinet (Stewart?) makes a good platform for Serena to do her southern thing.



All work and no play / ListenLack of communication ~ BIG 2 (mid 70s)


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