The promised land - ROULETTE 7038

Sam Moultrie

All three of Sam Moultrie's releases are prized on various dance scenes but that shouldn't put you off from getting hold of them as they are strong southern soul through and through. Moultrie worked mainly with Dan Brantley, a fine southern artist in his own right, who wrote most of his songs including his best known number ListenI'll Always Love You, and produced the second Southbound cut of it as well.

The first release of this song came out on C A Warren's eponymous label and, like the cuts he recorded on Israel Tolbert, was put together at Muscle Shoals using the excellent Fame Gang rhythm section. The result is a very catchy number which lopes along, propelled by fine drum and bass lines and some tasty horns. The whole sound has a vaguely Motown feel to it - no doubt helping it's dance floor status. The Listenremake has Moultrie's voice slightly more forward in the mix and some great male harmonies (Brantley himself?) in the background. Both versions have their own merits and you can take your pick.

Moultrie's first 45 found its way onto Roulette but was recorded in Ed Boutwell's Birmingham AL studio. Another midpaced tune, "The Promised Land" is probably the better side but funk fans go for the James Brown influenced flip on which Sam gives his most gritty vocal performance.

I'll always love you - WARREN 108 I'll always love you - SOUTHBOUND 101/2



Funky jerk / The promised land ~ ROULETTE 7038 (1969)
ListenI'll always love you / Do your own thing ~ WARREN 108 (1970)
ListenI'll always love you / I found love ~ SOUTHBOUND 101/2 (1972)




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