Jessie Jones

Eugene Davis’ Crow / Flaming Arrow labels were based in Detroit, bur he had strong affiliations with the south, especially in Georgia. I like a fair amount of his output on such fine artists as Nancy Butts, Arthur Ponder, Gloria Walker, and Corzette Holly  and we can add the obscure Jessie Jones to that fine roll call. ListenMy Father And Yes My Mother is a downbeat gospel based deep soul ballad which has a really desperate tale of woe as its theme. Ms Jones’ gloomy doom laden tone has a rich deep tone entirely in keeping with the tune’s subject, and she is aided by some fine organ playing and a conga led rhythm. Flip is an instrumental that featured on a good few Crow releases.


ListenMy father and yes my mother / Jumpin’ with Popeye ~ CROW 43 (early 70s)


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