Ennis Jacobs

The most requested song on my website is the wonderful “Letter Of Regret” by the Blues Bros No 1. While this duo remain clouded in obscurity one figure intimately connected with the track has appeared in view – the writer of it Ennis Jacobs. He recorded his own version of Letter Of Regret for Quadrant just a little later than the Blues Bros. if the Quadrant label’s numbering can be believed. Jacobs’ cut of the tune is even rarer than the duo’s and to be honest his vocal isn’t as strong. The backing track sounds like it is a very close cousin of the Blues Brothers – possibly a slightly different mix – but of course it retains all of the melodic majesty and breath taking arrangement and production.

Jacobs doesn’t seem to have recorded any other 45s – but it is a real pleasure to include his Quadrant 45 here.



ListenLetter of regret / Song of peace ~ QUADRANT 510 (1976/7)


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