Blues Brothers #1

s a direct challenge to Jake and Elwood, who were making a name for John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live at the time, this group clearly think they got there first. Unfortunately for them it was the second duo who subsequently hit the big time in the 80s. But soul fans are left with this absolute beauty of a 45 - Letter Of Regret. Is it deep? Yes, just listen to the anguished pleading of the beautifully modulated high baritone lead. Is it sweet? It certainly is – check out those sumptuous “bee-ooo” and “letter” responses from the other group members. But most of all lose yourself in the superbly insidious hookline that will follow you around all day, and in the very sympathetic arrangement with those luscious horns and strings.

I’ve no idea who the group are but Jeff Lemlich reveals that they cut this 45 in Ft Lauderdale. I just wish they’d made more discs like this - at any studio.

The writer of this masterpiece was Ennis Jacobs who - almost unbelievably - cut his own version of "Letter Of Regret". You can hear it here.

The wonderful news clip from a hotel in the US Virgin Islands hints at links with Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - can anybody elaborate on this?















Letter of regret / Happy song ~ ECLIPSE 104 / QUADRANT 406 (1976)


Thanks to Jeff Lemlich for extra info and to Marten Tonnis for his efforts to track down the Blues Brothers No 1 and for finding the amazing ad from the US Virgin Islands.


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