You'll never change - TREND 1007

Earl Daniels

The tangled and complex thing that was the New Orleans record business in the post-war period may never be unravelled now that hurricane Katrina has destroyed the city’s heritage so comprehensively. The tiny Trend label was one of dozens that sprang up in the 60s and although I’ve only got 4 of their releases there’s not a bad one amongst them (see James Winfield). This little known gem has a fine beat ballad in “Love Is So Beautiful” on one side and a cracking deep soul number on the flip. ListenYou’ll Never Change is a classic Crescent City 6/8 soul slowie, featuring the obligatory fine horn section, and Earl testifying for all he’s worth on the top. Think Tommy Ridgley’s wonderful “Did You Tell Him” and you won’t be far wrong – the only surprise is that Wardell Quezergue’ s name isn’t on the disc. We’re probably talking 1966/7 here, before Dover records went under but as for who Earl Daniels is or was I’m afraid I have no idea. Lovely 45 to



Love is so beautiful / ListenYou'll never change ~ TREND 1007

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