Buck & The Sixteenth Movement

Chicago based singer Raymond Buckner made his recording debut with his brothers for the obscure Sanla label. Neither side – “A Change Is Gonna Come” is not the Sam Cooke song – was that impressive, but the guys' vocal harmonies certainly were. But the deficiency was superbly overcome with their next release when they billed themselves as Buck & The 16th Movement. The gentle mid-paced “Trust Me This Night” is the side that has received all the plaudits and it is indeed highly listenable. But I think the flip is their masterpiece. ListenFool Fool is one of those superbly melodic ballads that you find yourself singing for a long time after you’ve heard it – and when I hear it I go straight back and listen to it again so captivating is it. Too sweet? Not for me – in fact it has the same delicious combination of group and deep soul that the Blues Brothers #1 achieved.

Nevertheless it was “Trust Me This Night” that got Buck – as he now called himself – his contract with Playboy. And while that side was re-released “Fool Fool” was ignored. And despite having four 45s on the label Buckner never really scaled those artistic heights again for me. “I Remember When (Dedicated To Beverly)” is a fine soul ballad but without the sublime melody of “Fool Fool”, and “It’s Going To Be Alright” is a strong beat ballad but they are the pick of a sadly disappointing bunch.

UPDATE ~ My great freind Greg Burgess and Bob Abrahamian have written to say that Buck was a group rather than the name Raymond Buckner chose for his Playboy releases. The group fronted by Ray Buckner, a Southsider from Chicago, included Sona Ali, Eugene Patrick and Henry "Buncie" Washington. You can get an interview with Raymond Bucker here at Bob's excellent Sitting In The Park website. I'm grateful to both of them. Bob also kindly supplied the fine pic and the publicity info from Playboy.

Also the highly knowledgeable Katsuaki Sano very kindly writes to say that the backing track to "Fool Fool" was also used by Cicero Blake on his excelent "Here Comes The Heartache" (Tower 454).

NEW UPDATE ~ Paul Petraitis kindly writes to say that "Ray Buckner and I co wrote (with guitarist Barry Soliday) "It's Gonna Be Alright" in 1973 and recorded it at Paul Serrano's 23rd St studio with Ramsey Lewis' rhythm section. I played lead guitar with the band and was arranger for the group, we played only a few showcase gigs while Herb Kent played our 45. The flip side "Heaven Help Us" was also co written by Ray and myself but he "forgot" to include my name on the copyright "I'll get you next time!" he promised. Ha ha! Rufus-inspired it is the earliest recording of the phrase "Yo!" which Herb Kent used a lot on his radio show and live appearances around the midwest."

It's good of Paul to allow me to publsh his very interesting comments - I'm glad to be able set the record straight about the writing credits - or lack of them!

Fool fool - SUPREME 1001 I can't quit your love - PLAYBOY 6039



Love you from the bottom of my heart / A change is gonna come ~ SANLA 3001 (late 60s)


Trust me this night / ListenFool fool ~ SUPREME 1001/2 (1973/4)


Trust me this night / Come closer ~ PLAYBOY 6001 (1974)
It’s going to be alright / Heaven help us ~ PLAYBOY 6022 (1975)
Heaven help us / I can’t quit your love ~ PLAYBOY 6039 (1975)
I remember when (dedicated to Beverly) / Trust me this night ~ PLAYBOY 6053 (1975)




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