Part of the game - BIG 9 1002


Inell Young

Aside perhaps from Wardell Quezergue I don’t think that anybody spent longer in studios in New Orleans in the 60s than Eddie Bo or with quite so many artists. We may never actually find all the tracks he made. Certainly I’ve no idea of the order in which Inell Young - one of Bo’s many female protégés – recorded her two fine 45s for him.

Purely from the sound and feel I’d be inclined to put the Big-9 disc first. “The Next Ball Game” is revered by funk fans who go ape over James Black’s crisp drumming, but I prefer the rather haunting melody and approach of ListenPart Of The Game. The occasional subdued strings, especially the pizzicato parts - are a fine addition to the mix of beautifully played guitar and organ, and Young sounds suitably nonchalant about the “que sera” styled lyric.

His love for me - BUSY B 3ListenHis Love For Me is a fine vehicle for her wailing “little girl lost”, rather unfocused vocals over a typically relaxed New Orleans backing of arpeggio guitar, Bo’s own piano and sax rich horns. Love the somewhat cheesy organ as well. A really fine effort. Inell’s final 45 for Gus “The Groove” Lewis (who cut for Tou-sea) came rather later than the other 2 discs – the early 70s as the wah-wah guitar makes clear. Don't let the dance fans tell you that the rather meandering, jazzy "What Do You See In Her" is Inell's best record. It certainly isn't.

UPDATE ~ Sadly Inell Young passed away in 1996. I'm very grateful to her son Rodney for getting in touch wit this sad news.


The next ball game / Part of the game ~ BIG 9 1002 (late 60s)
I've never considered / His love for me ~ BUSY B 3 (late 60s)
I remember the summer / What do you see in her ~ LIBRA 101 (early 70s)

Note ~ "His Love For Me" can be found on the Grapevine 2000 UK CD "Confessing" (GVCD 3028).


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