Reuben Williams

The busy writer/arranger/producer Jesse Herring usually worked out of New Jersey but also worked in various New York studios throughout his career. He worked with Eddie Newmark on this one-off by Reuben Williams and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to lean that Herring and Newmark owned Wild Deuce records. The “do the dance” top side “Piggy Wiggy” is about as bad as you could imagine but the fine ballad flip is in a different league altogether. ListenHalf A Man has some lovely R & B touches to the chord changes, and Williams adds to that downbeat feel with his blue cadences. But he also comes straight from the church in the way he glides around the melody – love the little rap too. And he finishes in grand style at the run out.

UPDATE ~ Davie Gordon writes with the following very helpful info:-

"Wild Deuce seems to have been a subsidiary of Eddie Newmark's Rotate label - both labels share the same matrix numbering system. Est. date Jan 1965".

Davie's suggested date is now in the discography.As ever I'm grateful to him for sharing his great knowledge.


Piggy wiggy / ListenHalf a man ~ WILD DEUCE 1000 (1965)


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