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Nate Williams co-wrote, arranged and produced the excellent deep soul ballad ListenShe’s A Woman and what a treasure he created. After a shortish rap to set the scene he sings with a strong gritty tone and much passion, while behind him a classic southern style rhythm section and horns give it their all. The top side is funk – more than acceptable too.

This was cut in New York or New Jersey in 1972. No wonder this came out on three labels – but I’m not at all sure of the release order. Williams himself has said that he made the disc with 180 Square Miles and since the Rapda is the only 45 to credit the band I presume that was the initial release.

In 1979 Williams was recording again, with those stalwart figures of the New York recording scene Bobby Poindexter (writer) and J R Bailey (producer). While “Mugged By Love” didn’t do much for me at all, the ballad flip ListenOffer You Can’t Refuse certainly did. The setting is a throwback one, no synths just real instruments, and Williams is about as fiery as vocals got in those dying days of the soul style. Poindexter’s chord changes are very good too and the whole track is a clear winner – and should be far better known.

These days Williams is still out there doing it making his first album called “Ride With Me” which sadly is chock full of synths and virtually no soul at all. He is also reaching into his back catalogue reissuing tracks like his first 45 and “Offer You Can’t Refuse” on his own PK Special label. And issuing new boogie tracks like “Rocking And Reeling”. Long may he continue to flourish!



You’re doing wrong / ListenShe’s a woman ~ RAPDA 102 / HONEY B 1001 / INTERSTATE 95 102 (1972 )
Mugged by love / ListenOffer you can’t refuse ~ NJI 1001 (1979)


Rocking and reeling / Pt2 ~ PK SPECIAL 001  (90s?)


Ride with me ~ PK SPECIAL (2008)


Note ~ There is a Nate Williams 45 on Back Beat from 1962 "Smile" / "Texas is going to be my home" but I presume he is a different artist.

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