A house ain't a home - KING WALK 568Little Johnny Williams

New Orleans entrepreneur Elijah Walker had his fingers in a lot of musical pies, but is probably best noted for his role in arranging for some local artists to record at Malaco, a move which resulted in million sellers for Jen Knight and King Floyd. But a couple of years before that he went into a joint venture with Earl King. The King Walk label only ever had tw  releases, and both this one and the C P Love 45 are now almost impossible to find. Williams proves himself a more than competent performer on this harrowing tale, with a typically well structured Quezergue arrangement providing the ideal instrumental setting. It’s a real pleasure to include ListenA House Ain’t A Home here, as it’s been on so many deep wants lists for so long.


ListenA house ain't a home / Invitation to a dance ~ KING WALK 568 (1967)

Note ~ "A House Ain't A Home" can be found on the excellent Grapevine 200 CD "Confessing" (GVCD 3028).

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