Eddie Wood

The first 45 by the obscure Eddie Wood was much more pop than soul I’m sorry to say. But on the fine double sider on New York’s tiny Perico concern he shows that he had considerable vocal talent. The dancers go for the tough stop-go “Why Did You Call” which I rate pretty highly too. But ListenOne is still the side for me, the chord changes are just about perfect. Eddie is much more soulful here, with some lovely delay timing, over a very churchy backing from the pianist and some fine bluesy touches from the guitarist. Love the subdued horns too. The other Perico 45 by Leo Wright is also worth investigating.

UPDATE ~ Both Bob McGrath and Bosko Asanovic have been in touch about more possible releases by Wood - and links to both Ohio and Detroit. The first 45 is this one:-

Bel-Aires "Why did you call" / "I’ve got the feeling" PALMER 1026 (1967)

Now Bob has this down as by EDDIE WOOD & THE BEL-AIRES but I can't find any other reference to Wood being credited on the disc. All other sources just quote Bel-Aires. But the song title "Why Did You Call" is identical to Wood's Perico release. I haven't heard this version of the song - if it is the same song - can anybody say for certain this is indeed Eddie Wood singing?

The second 45 that might be Wood is this one:-

Taurus and Leo "I aint playing baby" / "Goin' out of the world backwards" VELVET SOUND 367 (1969)

Bosko comments on this one:-

"Taurus and Leo were Melvin Dukes (Taurus) and Eddie Woods (Leo) from Cleveland Ohio cut their only disc – “Going Out The World Backwards / I Ain’t Playing Baby”, a Bob Hamilton (Ronnie Savoy) track about 3/69 after they were spotted by Ben Crosby in a show at the Peter Pan Lounge in a show with Pat Lewis. Apparently they were a wow live on stage and the record looked like being there way to the top, but unfortunately at the record launch party they were caught "shooting up"in the toilets with the door open!! (according to Don Mancha --who was involved in the promotion of said disc). Taurus and Leo headed back to Cleveland never to be heard of as a duo again. Eddie later recorded as Eddie Woods and one of his tracks was a Northern Soul Biggie. Dukes (Taurus) died after falling over in his drive and as an Emphysema sufferer was unable to get to his respirator, Woods lives in Indian Hills Seniors Appartment complex and lost an arm several years ago in an accident at a canning factory where he worked in Euclid, Ohio."

Now the part about Woods recording as Eddie Wood later is obviously wrong - the Perico 45 is defintely 1965 - but can anybody confirm if this is indeed the same singer as featured on this page?

I'm very grateful to Bob and Bosko for rainsing these very interesting issues.


Girl of my best friend / I need love ~ EMBER 1064 (1960)
Why did you call / ListenOne ~ PERICO 1258 (1965)


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