Curtis Wiggins

This wonderful obscurity shows that even at the height of the disco boom if you looked hard enough there was the occasional heavy soul record release. You could also argue that its very obscurity reveals why so few were cut. In any event after a well judged rap Wiggins outlines his own morally accurate tale in a well modulated and church heavy tone. Great sense of timing too. The background harmonies are strong too as is the horn section when it comes in. All very tasteful - and really should be much better known.

UPDATE ~ Expert Dante Carfagna writes to say that "the Curtis Wiggins on Palm is from Louisville, Kentucky. Joe's Palm Room was an active club in the city and was owned by Joseph B. Hammond. Obviously Wiggins (and many others) played there often. The band backing Wiggins on this 45 was called Crisis, though they are uncredited as such on the label." I'm grateful as always to Dante for his excellent info.

FURTHER UPDATE ~ Ken Oilschlager has writen with details of another Curtis Wiggins 45. The details of this second Palm 45 are now included in the discography below. Ken also supplied the image of the disc - I'm grateful to him for getting in touch.

You can't buy love with money - PALM 740442 Kiss me goodbye - PALM 5791


ListenCan't buy love with money / Stand up when I talk to you ~ PALM 740442 (1975)
Kiss me goodbye / Inst ~ PALM 5791 (1975)


Note ~ Could this be the Curtis Wiggins who worked with the great Phillip Mitchell as detailed in this interview on Barry "Soul Brother" Fowden's excellent website here.


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