Cora Washington

The doomy blues ballad ListenWhat Can I Do from the obscure Cora Washington is well constructed and very well performed. I like the short rap very much and that strange noise that weaves in and out behind her (an electric tenor sax??). The bass voice at the start is the much better known Will “Dub” Jones, who is best remembered as the bass voice in all those Coasters “playlets” that Leiber and Stoller wrote for them. The flip is a duet between Dub and Cora which doesn’t have the impact of the other side sadly. This 45 first appeared on MJ which Jones ran with Lloyd McCraw, who was in the Cadets with him, after which it was released on Cotillion – and for some strange reason this latter pressing seems to be the rarer of the two.



ListenWhat can I do / Cold blooded woman ~ MJ 101 / COTILLION 44079 (1970)


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