Carlena Weaver

Heart break - AUDEL 363The best known Audel 45 is the excellent one by Hank Mullen, but this Buffalo, NY obscurity by Carlena Weaver, who sang with him in the Avengers, is right up there with it. ListenHeart Break is one of these tracks from the 60s that at the time we thought would keep on coming for ever. Sadly that didn’t happen and now we look back at the Golden Age with forlorn longing. At least we can still listen to hard driving sounds like Carlena’s desperate vocal, and the sympathetic arrangement behind her.

UPDATE ~ Marc Demuynck has written with a lot more info on Carlena - particularly the important fact that she later changed her name to Carlena Williams and recorded several more 45s. The discography has been updates to reflect Marc's excellent research. Marc has kindly sent a brief biography as well:-

"Carlena Williams sang for the legendary rock group Pink Floyd as backing vocalist.Also Carlena sang for Carpenters, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison in 1977 and David Gilmour's rock album in 1978. Carlena is a cousin of Donna Summer,and one time member of 'SUNSHINE',Donna's 70's vocal backing group. She was enlisted in 'THE BLACKBERRIES' ,Humblepie's vocal back-up unit."

Carlena has even written her autobiography " A Promise Is A Promise" which you can read about here.

I'm really very grateful to Marc for sorting all this excellent info out. And to Marten Tonnis for the correct date for the Audel 45.



ListenHeart break / Jealousy ~ AUDEL 363 (1967)
Smile A Rainbow / Happy Mood ~ MO-DO 105 (late 60s)


I Won't Be Completely Happy (Until You Say You'll Stay) / Hey Radio ~ VENICE 001 (1975)
(When I'm) Touching You / When You're Near ~ BROADCAST 10705 (1984)


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