You git's none of this - SKYE 4525Uptights

As far as I’m aware this version of the Uptights, an all female group, only recorded just this one 45. Both sides of this New York disc are first class, a fact not unconnected with the names of the Poindexter brothers and Jackie Members on the writing credits. But the real glory is the lead singer – what a voice – full of righteous fire and fury, screaming her way through the lyrics. Wonderful support from the other singers too of course. The rage and scorn on You Git’s None Of This is almost tangible so powerful are the vocals. Free At Last may just have the edge in melody and arrangement, great horns and guitar fills, and the vocals are just soooo gooood.

Larry Grogan’s excellent Funky 16 Corners has a suggestion that the lead vocalist might be Doris Duke. I’m not so sure – sounds far too uninhibited to me to be her. And maybe a bit too raw for Cissy Houston? But can anybody offer any more suggestions as to her identity?

UPDATE ~ Jeff Beckman, an authority on group soul has kindly been in touch about this mystery. He writes "I called Bobby Poindexter a few minutes ago seeking an answer to your question regarding the lead of The Uptights on Skye. He said it was Barbara Joyce who later became the lead of B.T. Express. He couldn't remember the names of the other members of the group, claimed he had recorded them for D'Or records and didn't know what Skye was." I'm very grateful to Jeff for the info and for taking the time/trouble to get in touch. So now there are two members of BT Express on these pages - Barbara Joyce here and Rick Thompson.


Free at last / You git’s none of this ~ SKYE 4525 (1970)


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