Look a little higher - ALLEY 1045

Up Tights

From Jonesboro, AR comes this obscure deep soul gem. On the mid paced “Just A Dream” and on the fine ballad ListenLook A Little Higher you can just about hear some male voices behind the impassioned lead singer, but both tracks are really a solo performance. I like the big horn section – despite them being slightly out of tune in places - and the whole “feel” of the piece. Splendid little label soul.

UPDATE ~ Several people have kindly written with more info on this group. The lead singer is Ike Noble who had his own release on Alley, as well as several more on Connowil, Chanson and Smoke. Watch out for a page on Mr Noble coming soon to this site.

There is another earlier cut by this group on Solid Beat as shown now in the discography below. This first version of "It's Just A Dream" is raw, crude even, in its approach and the production values are even lower fi that the Alley release. But there is undopubted energy in the vocals and that counts for a lot of course.

Thanks to all who supplied new info here including Dante Carfagna, Bob Abrahamian, Greg Burgess, and Craig Butler who spotted the Ike Noble connection.



It's just a dream / Henry's guitar ~ SOLID BEAT 1010 (mid 60s?)
ListenLook a little higher
/ Just a dream ~ ALLEY 1045 (mid 60s?)



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