There aren’t many female soul groups on these pages. Not because I’m dislike the format but because so many female groups spent their careers singing featherweight tracks, soul-lite productions which are miles away from the heavyweight gospel vocalists I favour. Too much Northern pop music and too little real soul.

I think the Thrills from New York could be rightly accused along those lines as well. Just listening to stomping tracks like “What Can Go Wong” and “Show The World Where It’s At” boredom sets in after about 20 seconds. A bit better are mid-tempo sides “Underneath My Make-Up” and the tasteful ballad “No One” but the group did record one really fine side.

ListenHere’s A Heart is a very fine cover of a song first recorded by the Diplomats for Arock a couple of years before 1966 when the Thrills version was included on their second Capitol 45. The song itself is lovely with some excellent chord changes and a hookline that sticks like glue. The lyrics are equally at home for a female version as for the original male group and the lead singer is really quite committed with some tasty gospel flourishes. I like this track a lot.


What can go wrong / No one ~ CAPITOL 5631 (1966)
ListenHere’s a heart / Bring it on home to me ~ CAPITOL 5719 (1966)
Show the world where it’s at / Underneath my make-up ~ CAPITOL 5871 (1967)


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