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Sammy and Bennie, the two Taylor Brothers had light attractive baritone voices but both had the ability to get low down and dirty, giving their tones some throaty power. Sadly neither side of their United release shows them off to the best advantage but ListenPeople In Love certainly does. Busy New York arranger Robert Banks gives them a great platform of a tasteful rhythm and big fat horns over which the guys really deliver the goods. Super call and response and harmonies.


Does anybody know if the gospel Taylor Brothers on Nashboro are related to  these guys?


UPDATE ~ Both Mike Cassidy and my friend Dickie Tapp have been in touch to let me know that John Broven and Dickie interviewed the great and interesting Sammy Taylor in Juke Blues #54.  There Sammy told us that 'The Taylor Brothers' on Joy were Sammy and his songwriting/performing partner 'Bennie Earl' (r/n Bennie Earl Bunn). It's also clear that the Taylor Bros on United are a completey different duo so that 45 has been removed from the discography. Dickie aslo sent me this fine pic of the duo from the Juke blues article. Mike also alerted me to the accurate Sammy Taylor discography here.

I'm very grateful to both Mike and Dickie for their info.


ListenPeople in love / Lavender blue (dilly dilly) ~ JOY 289 (1964)

Note ~ You can find "People In Love" on the Ace UK CD "Birth Of Soul Vol 3."

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