What I don't know won't hurt me - VOLT 4042

Paul Thompson

Of all the great songs that George Soule has had a hand in writing I'd place ListenWhat I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me pretty near the top of the pile as it has a simply gorgeous melody and a classic "cheating" lyric. Fortunately for deep soul fans the producers of the Volt 45 Barry Beckett and Terry Woodford had the good taste and technical knowhow to translate it into one of the very best Muscle Shoals recordings of them all. Paul Thompson comes across as Percy Sledge's younger brother, with a similar slightly nasal tone, just perfect for this most delicate slice of country soul. And the rhythm section and horns just set it all off a treat. William Bell also recorded this superb number on his "Phases Of Reality" LP and made a very good job of it too.

The flip to the Thompson 45 is a strong southern beater which is a dance floor favourite - but it can't hold a candle to the top side.



ListenWhat I don't know won't hurt me / Special kind of woman ~ VOLT 4042 (1970)


Note ~ " What I don't know won't hurt me" can be found on the Ace UK CD box set "Take me to the river".


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