I don't mind - GEODOL 110


Lil' Tiger

This tiny Monroe, LA side shows all the virtues of a small label – but sadly one or two of the downsides as well. The emphasis on emotion so very apparent on ListenI Don’t Mind especially from the desperate vocal that Lil’ Tiger employs is its greatest strength. The low fi production and the terribly “muddy” mix its biggest weakness. But I’ll take feelings and passion over technical perfection any day of the week.

It's so hard sometimes - GEODOL 1287/8UPDATE ~ Dante Carfagna (see Links) writes with a lot more info on Lil' Tiger - "His real name is Willie Jenkins and he spent some time as a semi-pro boxer - he came from Monroe, Louisiana. The Geodol label was owned by George Moody." Dante also sent info on a second 45 by the man which is now in the Discography below. As ever I'm very grateful to Dante for sharing his knowledge.

While I was looking for another lost 45 on my shelves, what should I find but a copy of the "other" Geodol 45 hiding under the name Little Tiger. ListenIt's So Hard Sometimes turns out to be another fine deep soul ballad sung with considerable emotional pain and featuring some strong female vocal support. More great little label music.



ListenI don’t mind / Do it ~ GEODOL 110 (70s?)
The funky fight / ListenIt's so hard sometimes - GEODOL 1287/8 (70s)



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