Have no fear - GROOVY 3002


Danny Boy Thomas

Not surprisingly after his world wide success there were a lot of soul singers who tried to sound like the Big O. One of these was the obscure Danny Boy Thomas whose only 45 this appears to have been. ListenHave No Fear is a fine deep soul number - despite the efforts of the bassist - which features a strong Otis style vocal - check out those "My my my" phrases for example. The production ebbs and flows nicely and the final climax is well handled especially the climbing horn pattern. Another New York winner.

Wild women - TIFCO 824 UPDATE ~ Both Alasdair Blaazer and my great friend Michel have drawn my attention to the Danny Boy 45 on Georgia label Tifco - "Wild women / Kokomo me baby" (Tifco 824). This is a pleasant if unremarkable small band blues disc but the difference in musical style from the Groovy release makes it very difficult to tell if its the same artist or not. I'm inclined to the view that it is a different singer but I'm open to persuasion by anybody who has the full facts.




ListenHave no fear / My love is over ~ GROOVY 3002 (1966)



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