Bobby Thomas

LYNDELL 999Bafflingly there were two singers named Robert Thomas active in Georgia during the 60s and 70s. The better known of the two called himself Robert Thomas, and recorded with his cousin Matt Brown as Matt & Robert as well as on his own. You can read about him here. The singer featured on this page cut a couple of very fine 45s as Bobby Thomas. To pile confusion on confusion both Thomases recorded for that major Macon, GA music man Bobby Smith.

With the fabled funk aggregation the Afros he recorded the deep ballad classic ListenDarling Don’t Come Back for the Brunswick, Georgia based Lyndell label owned by Walter Rayfield. It is possible that Thomas is also featured (uncredited) on the earlier Afros Band own 45 on Lyndell “Right On Right Of” / “Why Did You Leave Me”. I’ve not heard the flip side (any offers?) so can’t be sure if Thomas is indeed on this very rare 45. But in any event Darling don’t Come Back is a wonderful emotive side fully deserving of its classic status among deep fans. Thomas is just superb, full of gritty wailing as the dead slow beat, led by a full and very well arranged riffing horn section, unwinds.

BOBLO 501Like almost all soul singers of note who worked in Macon, GA Bobby Thomas came into contact with music man Bobby Smith – who even more confusingly worked steadily with the other Robert Thomas. This page’s Thomas opened the new Boblo 500 series in 1975 with a sensational piece of blues balladry ListenThe Road Is Rough. This minor keyed beauty is another reason to think of Bobby Thomas as a major vocalist as he sends chills down listener’s spines with his heartfelt tale of sadness. Great arrangement too of course with a delicately played string section over a crack Georgia band. Simply lovely!

This Boblo track is also another reason to think of owner Bobby Smith as a major soul producer. Imagine a CD full of his best work!


Please Mr Lovemaker / ListenDarling don’t come back ~ LYNDELL 998/9 (late 60s?)
Speak your piece/  ListenThe road is rough ~ BOBLO 501 (1975)


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