Bobby Taylor (2)

Chicago label Chytowns is best known by funk fans for the series of raw discs by owner U S Warren, but for me the go-to guy from the company is Bobby Taylor. His three singles have some very good music on them, from the excellent tough no nonsense R & B of “You’re Just What I Need” to the downbeat blues “A Stranger Stole You From Me” with its jazzy feel and stop-go arrangement. But I think the song that brings out the best from Taylor’s deep dark baritone is the ballad ListenYou Can Count On Me which features some fine off beat guitar, tinkling piano and well-judged horns. I’m not aware of any more 45s by this guy.

UPDATE ~ Bob Abrahamian writes to say that "CHYTOWNS 104 was also released with no number on the label at all. it's the same record (same plates) and the label looks the same, except the 104-a and 104-b is missing from the labels." Thanks as always Bob.


A stranger stole you from me / I’ll be movin’ on ~ CHYTOWNS 104 (1965/6)
You’re just what I need / ListenYou can count on me ~ CHYTOWNS 105 (1966)
Uh-huh sometimes / You’re just what I need ~ CHYTOWNS 108 (1966/7) 


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