Stop dragging my heart around - CLUB LONG ISLAND 200


Bobby Taylor

How many soul singers called Bobby Taylor were there? I don’t know but I can think of 4 without any trouble – there may well have been more. The most important and visible was the guy who fronted the Vancouvers and cut for Motown  - but this track is far better than anything he recorded.

ListenStop Dragging My Heart Around” is a dead slow ballad with a lovely bluesy touch to it. Taylor sings in high baritone with some super falsetto touches over a steady rhythm and well arranged horns. Love the accapella ending – must have been even better live! None of my other Bobby Taylor discs sound like this one – did this guy record again?

The title of the flip side means this disc wasn’t recorded before 1962 – most likely in the year or two after that I would guess from its feel.



ListenStop dragging my heart around / Mashed potato time ~ CLUB LONG ISLAND 200 (1963/4?)



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