Tears (I shed fro you) - NASCO 030


Big T & The Peace Makers

Sadly I've no idea who Big T was or where her Peace Makers came from. But ListenTears (I Shed For You) on the Excello subsidiary Nasco concern is a great soul record. From the terrific backdrop of guitar, organ and horns (especially the baritone sax), the lead vocal rises in anguished torment. Terrific - and a real throwback considering it was released in 1973. Does anyone know of any more about them?

UPDATE ~ Pete Nickols has written with some possible info on this group. He asks "was Big T the Jimmy Thomas who claimed to have written the funky side of the 45? The 45 may feature other solo singers, e.g. the singer actually announces himself on the funky side of the 45 as Jimmy Lee, while the deep side was penned by Vanilla Brinson. Is she the same singer who cut a much later recording under her own name, viz.:

1991 - C*S Records of Brunswick, Georgia - unnumbered 12" vinyl release: When You Get Right Down To It"/"What's It Going To Take".

There is only one Vanilla Brinson listed in the US "White Pages" and she lives in Alma, Georgia (and has lived there for many years). This address is also confirmed by the MyLife site, which states she was born in 1951 (which would have made her 22 when the Nasco 45 was cut - seems about right). Also Alma is only about 70 miles west-north-west of Brunswick."

Maybe more speculation than facts from Pete but still a lot more info than I've been able to find. I'm always grateful to Pete for taking the time/trouble to contribute to these pages. Can anybody else throw any light on Big T & The Peace Makers?

NEW UPDATE ~ D Rooks writes with more info on Big T & The Pacemakers. He confirms Vanilla Brinston as the superb voclaist on the deep side and adds "Big T's name was Tyrone Thomas and he was from Baxley, GA. Other band members were Jimmy Thomas, James Lee, Henry Redish, Daryl Peterson and Vanilla Brinson." I'm grateful to D Rooks for this fine info.



ListenTears ( I shed for you) / Tighten up tighter ~ NASCO 030 (1973)


Note ~ “Tears (I Shed For You)” can be found on the Ace UK CD “The Heart Of Southern Soul Vol 3” (CDCHD 660).


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