Left hand in a right glove - SAULS 0001


W B Seymore

Another really obscure Georgia artist, W B Seymore’s gentle light tenor voice is just right for the delicate ballad ListenLeft Hand In A Right Gloove (sic), and his occasional foray into a falsetto range works well. The quavery trumpet leading the horn section may be an acquired taste but the rhythm is solid and I like the little guitar figure. Not a 45 you’ll see very often – mid 60s I’d guess.

UPDATE ~ Carlton Allen has kindly written with some info on WB. He writes:-

"WB Seymore was my brother-inlaw and he was not from Georgia. He was a Floridian!!"

I'm grateful to Carlton for this correction.


ListenLeft hand in a right gloove / Why ~ SAULS 0001



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