Vikki Styles

Another 45 from Greenville, MS ListenWithout Your Love I Can’t Make It is excellent deep soul. Vikki leads in with a short rap over a heavily reverbed guitar and a fine horn section and then sings her song. What a good singer she is, convincing and with good modulation. The funky flip “Mark My Words Love Will Never Die” is pretty good too in a Lynn Collins kind of style.

UPDATE ~ At last I've been able to get my hands on a copy of the rare Odex 45. "Tears Won't Stop Falling" is a complete rip-off of Darrelll Banks' "Open The Door To Your Heart" but done in the down home Mississippi style. Much better is the flip ListenIf I Didn't Love You Would You Treat Me Bad a lovely blue soul ballad on which Vikki's expressive vocals can be heard to very good effect over a tasteful horn rich backing band and a soulful blues lead guitar.

Also Kris Holmes of the excellent Greenville, MS site (which youcan find here) is of the view that Vikki Styles, Vicki Starr and Vicky Williams are all the same artist. He could well be right.

Without your love I can't make it - LENO 1532



ListenWithout Your Love I Can’t Make It / Mark My Words Love Will Never Die ~ LENO 1532 (late 60s?)
The tears won't stop falling / ListenIf I didn't love you would you treat me bad ~ ODEX 1043 (1968)

Thanks to Bosko Asanovic for the Odex info.



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