Amateur lover - BARVIS 125

Superiors Band

From Wilmington, Delaware comes this obscure piece of deep soul. ListenAmateur Lover has all the classic ingredients – churchy organ, full horn section etc – and best of all a fine singer with passion in his voice. Although there is only one vocal audible the 45 refers to “The Superiors Band and their Soul Singers”. The other single by this group is a well regarded funk item – which also has a vocal track but there is no mention of the “Soul Singers” on the record. Odd.

UPDATE ~ Dante Carfagna writes to say that the Superiors Band came from Winston-Salem, NC - but how they came to be on a Delaware label is anybody's guess. "They later became Opus VII who have 45s on Gram-O-Phon. Leader was Gary Hairston who also has later solo efforts in the 80s, including an LP called "Chilling Out"." I like a lot of the tracks that Opus VII recorded both for Gram-O-Phon, Source and Great World Of Sound but they are much more sweet group soul than deep. I'm grateful as always to Dante for sharing his vast knowledge.



ListenAmateur lover / Darling I love you ~ BARVIS 125 (1967)
The lady / Pt 2 ~ BARVIS 319 (1967)



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