Soul Believers

This group sounds as though they must have been a gospel quartet moonlighting into the secular world but there don’t seem to be any details about this thought. Anyway the group’s lively version of Hank Ballard’s immortal “Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go” was recorded on the West Coast and has had some plays on the Northern soul scene. But much better is the highly expensive King 45 which was produced by James Brown or somebody in his organisation the same year.




The very gospely ListenI Don’t Want Nobody’s Troubles with its spare rhythmic accompaniment and occasional horn bursts is obviously a JB arrangement with a credit to the Dapps, a white band he used which was headed by the interesting Beau Dollar. The flip is a fine version of the 5 Royales favourite “I’m With You” which I like very much. Not just for Lowman Pauling’s super song but also the gospel call and response vocals, especially the super lead with his tasteful falsetto phrases.



Let’s go let’s go let’s go / Charlena ~ SMAK 778 (1968)
ListenI don’t want nobody’s troubles / I’m with you ~ KING 6200 (1968)




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