Shades Of Love

This New York female group is best known for disco tracks such as the popular “Keep In Touch” recorded around the turn of the 80s for producer Lonnie (Leon) Johnson. But before that the group recorded an obscure 45 for Delon. One side of this “Such Good Friends” is a highly prized dancer which has made this very hard – and expensive – to get hold of. But the flip is a version of one of the best tunes that Clarence Reid and Paul Kelly ever wrote together. ListenA Woman Will Do Wrong was originally recorded by Helene Smith, but since then there have been first class covers by the likes of Dee Dee Sharpe, Irma Thomas and Esther Phillips to name only a few. One of my favourites was by another New York group Magic Touch but none of these gives the song such a different feel as Shades Of Soul achieve. The highly mannered lead (Lisa Fischer?) is very ably supported by the other members of the group, over a very spare rhythm section. This puts all the more emphasis on the vocalists and they respond really well. One that takes some getting used to but it really does grow on you.

Sadly nothing they cut after this does much for me.



Such good friends / ListenA woman will do wrong ~ DELON 742 (mid 70s?)
Come inside (my love) / Inst ~ SCORPGEMI 0012 (1979)
Do your own dance (dance with me) / Inst ~ SCORPGEMI 1013 (1981)
Keep in touch (body to body) / Inst ~ SCORPGEMI 10014 / VENTURE 5021 (1982)
Come and make me feel good / Inst ~ SCORPGEMI 1018 (1982)


Keep in touch (body to body) ~ HOT PRODUCTIONS 6106 (1980s)


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