Qunestine Strong

Bobby Barnes was Phoenix, AZ based Raina’s main man of course but the best single 45 from the label must be this beauty from the unknown Qunestine Strong. I love that tremulous quality in her voice which gives her an air of vulnerability, and of course ListenVery Tender Moments itself is so strong. Really well arranged too. A really good disc from the early 70s. The “E Johnson” in the writers credits is Ernie J from Eddie & Ernie who had his own version - the original - out on Artco in 1967. The song was also memorably covered by Dee Clark for Columbia that same year.

Qunestine Strong

UPDATE ~ Both Mike Cassidy and my great friend Greg Burgess have drawn my attention to an obituary which you can find here. The reference to "Strong" seem to be definitive that this is the same person - very sad to read. The mention of a gosepl 45 in Phoenix is very interesting however - does anybody have any more details of this?

I'm very grateful to both Mike and Greg for spotting this.


ListenVery tender moments / One hundred years from now ~ RAINA 101 (1973)


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