Lesa Stroud

There aren’t many tracks from the 80s on these pages, but I’m happy to rectify that if the song and the treatment merit the attention. And I think this track by Lesa Stroud certainly fits the bill. This was recorded in Cincinnatti by Rusty York at his own Jewel studio for his own label, and since the wonderful soul/blues singer Albert Washington often recorded there it’s no real surprise to see his name on the label as co-arranger and co-producer. He may well have been playing keyboards on the track as well, which must have been cut around the time of his Jewel outing “Matchbox” / “Nobody Knows What Tomorrow May Bring”. Lesa’s song is based pretty closely on Merle Haggard's country original "Just Because", probably best known to soul fans as a track on Trudy Lynn’s fine “24 Hour Woman” set. It may also explain why there is no composer credit on the disc. But Lesa sings strong and true here, with plenty of gospel touches to her vocal, helped by some fine background harmonies and interjections. A super down home effort.



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