Lennie Satin

I've been rude about Northern soul in these pages many times already - and may well be again - so it's a pleasant change to be able to recommend unreservedly a disc that has had plays on that scene. And unlike many of the anaemic tracks, or "soul-lite" as my friend Matt Futerman rather generously describes them, that get plays ListenSomebody Help Me has the huge benefit of Satin's full throated vocal. The backing is classic mid paced Chi-Town soul but what lifts this one from the pack is Lennie - just check out those screams and his impeccable sense of timing. A great track very well produced by Floyd Smith.

His other 45 for Shell - which would cost you an arm and a leg if you could find it - is pretty much in the same league. The uptempo "Your Love Got Me" is the better side and is the same song - and what sounds like the same backing track - as "The Look On Your Face" by James Phelps on Apache.

Somebody help me - FIP 1727 Say you will - SHELL 1004



Say you will / Your love got me ~ SHELL 1004 (as SATIN) (1965)
ListenSomebody help me / Homebound ~ FIP 1727 (1967)



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