Judy Stokes


Judy’s real name is Judy Page and she comes from Peoria, IL. Like so many of her contemporaries she grew up in music via the local church but moved into secular singing shortly after her 17th birthday when she was recruited by that old rogue Ike Turner as a member of the Ikettes, with whom she toured for about 6 months before leaving. The group chopped and changed their membership so often it’s impossible at this stage to know whether or not Judy recorded with them – but she certainly made this one solo disc.


The hard hitting strutting southern R & B “A Real Man” has been picked up by the dancers and Judy’s tough vocal really storms through it – a super uptempo track to be sure. The flip  - the top side ListenKiss Our Love Goodbye – is a deep soul ballad of great force and power as Judy lays it on thick and heavy. The melodic song was written and produced by Bobby Lane whose name doesn’t ring a bell with me but who does a fine job here. Note this Soul Power label has nothing to do with the famous Louisiana one run by Bobby Patterson and Jerry Strickland.


These days Judy is back in her home town still singing after 25 years of doing it, but now focussing on her first muscical love, jazz. You can see her talking about her career in music here.

UPDATE ~ Davie Gordon says that the 45 was recorded at Chicago's Ter-Mar studios and released early in 1968. I'm grateful to Davie as always.


ListenKiss our love goodbye / A real man ~ SOUL POWER 10 (1968)