Johnny Summers

All three of West Coast singers Summers’ output are both rare and pricey thanks to the dance tracks that are on them. Maestro Miles Grayson’s name is all over the labels and that always guarantees a high quality level to the outcome. Summers shows he was a strong vocalist with a good sense of timing on thumping uptempo songs like “I’m Still Yours” and “I Can’t Let You Go”. But the two most memorable of the dance tunes are the midpaced “Tell It Like I Feel” on which Summers' vocal is particularly well judged, and the short but intense “Is The Feeling Still There” with its great horn support, especially from the busy baritone sax.

But the number I want to highlight here is the only ballad from his sessions, the very tasty ListenProve It To Me which found its way onto two of the 45s. This tuneful song has a really good heartfelt performance from Summers as he uses a lot of gospel touches and flourishes, as well as a couple of welcome falsetto phrases.


ListenProve it to me / I’m still yours ~ YORKTOWN 1007/8 (mid 60s?)
Tell it like I feel / I can’t let go ~ YORKTOWN 1009 (mid 60s?)
Prove it to me / Is the feeling still there ~ AUDIO FORTY 1800 (mid 60s?)

Thanks to Naoya Yamauchi.

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