James Sellers

As far as I know New York artist James Sellers only had just the two 45s, but while both sides of his well-known Tri-Spin release were pretty good funky soul, his superb Doll tracks don’t seem to have had any attention at all. And this is a pity as the two part ListenEnough Is Enough is prime deep soul. The form of the song is sanctified preaching with Sellers taking his time to introduce the theme on side one and completing his sermon on part two. In between he sings so compellingly, with some super falsetto bursts to complement his normal gruff tone. Behind him the band play a plodding waltz time - special tip of the hat to a busy blues guitarist.



ListenEnough is enough / Pt 2 ~ DOLL 110033 (mid 60s)
I can’t go through these changes anymore / I’ve been there ~ TRI-SPIN 2000/1 (1973)


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