Things I should have done - DOT 16630

Reatha Reese

Randy Wood’s Gallatin, TN based Dot label only had a few releases that are of interest to deep or southern soul fans – but their quality was high. The pioneering discs by Arthur Alexander are very well known, but tracks by Phil Flowers, Ronnie Love and George Jackson are rather less obvious. But the rarest has to be this super piece by the very obscure Reatha Reese. The resaon for this is the fact that “Only Lies” is a firm favourite on the Northern scene – but as is so often the case the flip is far superior. ListenThings I Should Have Done is a first class deep soul cut in the classic mould. Super chord changes, a crack rhythm section and prominent horns are all there – but so is Reatha screaming and howling out her regret. Just love the way she gets all low down and gritty on key phrases – but for her most impassioned I must admit the last 30 seconds of the other uptempo side take the cake. Anyway this was written and probably produced by Clarence Reid, and although it dates from his involvement with Buddy Killen it was definitely cut in his home town.



Only lies / ListenThings I should have done ~ DOT 16630 (1964)



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