It's all over but the tears - SMASH 1889


Ramsey Sisters

James Brown’s huge amount of creative energy in the 60s manifested itself not just in his own music but also in the tracks he produced on other artists. Many of these were featured in his Revue of course but the obscure Ramsey Sisters didn’t appear to be part of Brother James’ gang. Their sole 45 for Smash is a unheralded gem – both sides being strong and worthwhile. The bouncy “Tell Him Girl” written by Dolores Ramsey is a fine showcase for the Sisters harmonies. Tough lead as well – Delores herself? The A side ListenIt’s All Over But The Tears is a really well paced ballad, with a tasteful arrangement – love that organ – but the focus is really on the vocals. And the Ramsey Sisters acquit themselves with honour, especially towards the run out groove when they ratchet up the emotional tension really well.



ListenIt’s all over but the tears / Tell him girl ~ SMASH 1889 (1964)



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