Jimmy Roberson & Shirley Provost

One of the rarer 45s from Skippy Lee Frazier’s gallant Houston based Ovide concern, this one off duet has a rather messy funky side “Please Don’t Put Me Out” and a tasteful ballad in ListenEmpty Inside. This southern slowie is a real grower thanks to the emotive vocalising and the busy guitarist. The fine big band arrangements come courtesy of that evergreen bluesman Calvin Owens, and since his own Ovide single follows this one in the catalogue it’s entirely possible that all these tracks were laid down at one session, and that Roberson and Provost were singers in his band at the time. I’m not aware of any more recordings by Jimmy, but Shirley Provost has certainly recorded gospel music as recently as 2010 with the release of her “I Made It” CD.

UPDATE ~ My great friend Greg Burgess writes to say that Jimmy Roberson was a long time singer with Calvin Owens, even recording with him as late as 2006! More great info from Greg for which I'm very grateful.


ListenEmpty inside / Please don’t put me out ~ OVIDE 239 (1967/8?)


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