Harriet Reeves

The Eon label was one of several operated by that fascinating music man Sax Kari during his lengthy stay in the Big Easy during the 60s. The bouncy top side “Just Friends” could only have been recorded in New Orelans , and it’s pace is well suited to Harriet’s rather “little girl” vocal range. The flip ListenCome To Me is a downbeat number of some charm thanks to Ms Reeves’ naïve innocent approach  - which you will either love or loath. Super big, horn rich production as ever from the late Wardell Quzergue. You can read more about Mr Kari’s life and career at my friend Red Kelly’s excellent blog here.

Kari's fine production on the obscure Bobby Camel can be found here.


Just friends / ListenCome to me ~ EON 103 (1963)

Note ~ You can find both sides of Harriet's 45 on the Night Train CD "Fumigate Funky Broadway". The sound on this CD is better than others that I have criticised from this company and is perfectly acceptable I'm pleased to say.

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