Cene' Roye

Of course it is the uptempo “Full Time Lover”, an answer to Little Johnny Taylor’s smash, that has caused prices for this piece of LA R & B to rocket over the last couple of years. But as ever I’d like to highlight the flip, actually the original A side, which has been completely overlooked. ListenI’d Do It All Over Again is a doom laden minor keyed blues ballad, beautifully arranged by those maestros Cliff Chambers and James Carmichael, who also penned it. Roye’s vocal is right in the blues tradition - tough and dark – so it fits the mood perfectly. Production is by the great Zeke Strong - more wonderful West Coast magic from the man.



ListenI’d do it all over again / Full time lover ~ CYCLONE 122 (1963?)

Thanks to Andy Aitchison, another Zeke Strong obsessive.

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