I'm still waiting - VIRTUE 2516

Ann Robinson

Philly singer Ann seems to have had only the two 45 issued (one version of the Virtue single was apparently withdrawn) but all contain a ballad side that deserve wider recognition. I’m Still Waiting was the track that was taken off the market for some reason but it is a great introduction to her deep, rather sultry vocals. I love those melodic songs that came out of the City of Brotherly Love, and the 45 that did hit the streets had a cut that was almost as good in Little Miss Lonely. A less cluttered arrangement gives us more room to appreciate Ann’s rich fruity vocals – lovely.

But her best cut for me was the Rising-Soul 45 The Letter. Judging by Frank Virtuoso’s name on the writing credits of the flip this label had something to do with the Virtue concern, but the writer of this deep gem was Pervis Staples. And the sound has much more depth than her other recordings, with bigger horns, and a southern sounding piano and guitar. Ann herself is really committed to the song, particularly on the great hook.

The Letter -RISING-SOUL 101

UPDATE ~ Kev Briscoe writes with details of another 45 by Ann Robinson - "The original 45 is much sort after by funk collectors and is very hard to find. It was re issued a few years ago by the Philly Archives people with an instrumental B side by FREEDOM NOW BROTHERS called "Sissy Walk"." The All Brothers record is now in the discography below. Andy Aitchison writes of a Virtue recording called "World Of Happiness" which appears to be unreleased.

NEW UPDATE ~ Thanks to "Robinson" who spotted that the Ann Robinson on Shout duetting with Geroge Kerr was a different artist altogether.


All for Johnny B / I'm still waiting ~ VIRTUE 2516 (withdrawn)
Little Miss Lonely / All for Johnny B ~ VIRTUE 2516
You did it / I'm still waiting ~ ALL BROTHERS 61069 (1969)
The letter / Love you ~ RISING SOUL 101

Thanks to Kev Briscoe and Andy Aitchison for extra info.


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