You should have been their - KANYA 165


Psychedelic Souls

Well you wouldn’t think a group with a name like the Psychedelic Souls would find a home on this website but ListenYou Should Have Been Their (sic) is a fine bluesy piece of music. The female lead is suitably hard hitting and convincing over a small rhythm section, and a female chorus. Any help in identifying the artists – or even the location of this recording would be appreciated.

UPDATE ~ Ady Croasdel writes that Kanya "Thomas Cannady (?)'s label out of Atlanta but the 45 was cut at Project 70 Sound in Athens GA."

NEW UPDATE ~ Mr Willie Deadwyler has been in touch to say:-

"The Psychedelic Souls was a group consisting of my mom Annie Ruth Deadwyler, Aunt Jean and I don't remember the other person's name. The recording studio was located on Atlanta Highway where Orkin is/was located in Athens, GA. I used to go with my mom to their rehersals. I can't remember if Jean or the other lady was the lead singer."

I'm very grateful to Mr Deadwyler for kindly providing this excellent info.


You should have been their / Going mod ~ KANYA 165 (1969)

Thanks to Ady Croasdell for the extra info.


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