Oh my love - JEWEL 751



As far as I'm aware this is the only 45 released by the Objectives, who included Charles Cochran and Robert Hampton amongst their number. They certainly sound like a gospel group trying out a secular recording, as
so many did in the 60s, and ListenOh My Love is a strong song, but whether they then turned against the wide world and went back to the church or
changed their name and tried again, does anybody know? The Objectives came from Greensboro, NC and the Cheeco production credit confirms this location. This 45 came out around the same time as the Little Charles (Whitworth) release which you can read about and hear on this page - it's possible that the multi talented Whitworth may be singing on this track.


ListenOh my love (come back to me) / Love went away ~ JEWEL 751 (1965)


Notes ~

1. "Oh my love" can be found on the Westside UK CD "Soul Jewels Vol 1".

2. This disc was leased to Jewel at the same time as Little Charles Whitworth’s. Could he have been involved in his one as well?


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