You should have told me - TAC-FUL 101


New Yorkers

The New Yorkers had two 45s on Tac-Ful, which were cut on the West Coast, despite the group’s name. ListenYou Should Have Told Me is by far the best of the four sides issued. It’s a quite awesome piece of testifying – a harsh and bitter tale of recrimination sung with venom and great passion. The harmonies are spot on too and the rhythm and horns make the waltz time song really zing.

But this is really about the lead singer. Who is it? Well the writer and arranger is Jimmy Gresham who made some fine discs under his own name that I’ll be writing about soon. And a major part of writing this is to give some added publicity to the “Free Jimmy Gresham” campaign which you can read about here as the man is in serious trouble. Please note and use the “Donate” link to the left and if you click on “Rosey Grier” slightly lower down you’ll find a fascinating correspondence between Jimmy and Rosey which talks about the sessions that created this wonderful music.

You should have told me - RADIO CITY 1001Neither man is explicit about who takes the lead vocal but I’ve never heard Grier sound anything like this so my money is that it’s Gresham – and being his usual modest self about the achievement. The 45 was reissued on Radio City using the name Royal Knights - but please note that other recordings under this name are not Gresham at all.




ListenYou should have told me / Don't want to be your fool ~ TAC-FUL 101 / RADIO CITY 1001 (1965)
 Ain't that news / There's going to be a wedding ~ TAC-FUL 102 (1965)



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