Ron McCain

The little known Ron McCain only seems to have had a couple of 45s released, one on the New York based Triode label and the other from Memphis on Shock. Both sides of the former single are funky soul workouts neither of which do much for me to be honest. But the production credits are to “D Stokes & C Derrick” – could that be Charlie Derrick from South Carolina?

Much more to my taste is the Shock outing. I like both sides of this one a lot. ListenAny Time Of Day is classic country soul, full of good things like arranger “Smoochy” Smith’s tinkling piano and a full Memphis horn section as well as McCain’s rich deep voice. ListenWhat Do You Know About Love is in a similar style but McCain’s vocal is more intense and therefore more effective. The song has nice bluesy chord changes and the rhythm section and background singers do a grand job.


Too much of a good thing / This time I’m gone ~ TRIODE 116 (1965?)
ListenWhat do you know about love / ListenAny time of day ~ SHOCK 1003/4 (mid 60s?)
When you lose your groove / What Mama didn't teach you I will ~ SMOKER 90917


UPDATE ~ The SMOKER 45 added to the discography courtesy of Kevin Higham to whom I'm very grateful.

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